A Female Abductee’s Revelations Of Hybrid Infiltration

By James Bartley

This is an interview with a woman known as “Karen” who is an abductee. Karen has had many experiences with the Greys, a Grey-Reptilian hybrid and Human-appearing hybrids. Karen provides a tremendous amount of insight into the activities of the ETs and in particular the human-appearing hybrids. She has witnessed many different forms of ET mind control and has been beaten and raped numerous times by the human-appearing hybrids. The ETs utilized a variety of technological devices on her which she describes in this interview.

In the interview phase of this paper, “JB” stands for James Bartley and “KA” stands for Karen. After the interview portion of the paper I will write an analysis and summary of the revelations given by Karen. Karen is an extremely courageous woman who has endured a tremendous amount of physical and psychological abuse. In this interview she describes being tortured on a specially designed chair by the ETs. We all owe a debt of gratitude to Karen and others like her who decided to come forward and share this information.

The Interview with Karen

JB – Can you describe some of your experiences involving the greys and some of the other entities you’ve observed on board the ships? You described seeing a larger Grey-Reptilian Crossbreed that seemed to be in charge of the greys onboard the ships. Can you elaborate on that?

KA – Most of my experiences with the greys, both tall and short, are pretty standard. The short ones seem to be the workers; they get me, take me onboard, help me off with my clothes, and get me to wherever they need me to be. The taller ones I’ve encountered seem to do most of the medical exams and procedures. I’ve heard others describe them as “doctors” and I think that’s probably a fair assessment. They seem to be lacking a bedside manner though.

Like many female abductees, the procedures they sometimes perform on me seem to have a strong gynecological aspect. Aside from those, I often encounter staring procedures from the tall greys. Sometimes these are to elicit certain emotions, sometimes they show me images (both random and directed), and sometimes they seem to be more interested in either obtaining information from me or instructing me on how to feel, act, or behave. In the last few years as I have become more and more aware of this phenomenon in my life, the staring to obtain information and control my actions has become more and more frequent.

The first time I saw the being that appears to be a cross between a tall grey and a reptilian, it was in conjunction with my first meeting with a particular human-looking hybrid. This grey/rep being instructed me on what I was to teach the human hybrid, how I was to feel about him, and that I was never to tell anyone about him. He did all this through a lengthy staring procedure and it was very effective. I later saw him on multiple occasions and always in conjunction with the human-looking hybrids. I also saw him interact with the human hybrids in my presence and they seemed to always follow whatever he said. My belief is that he was either in charge, or one of those in charge, of the human-hybrid program.

JB – When did you first start having experiences with the human looking hybrids? What are some of the things the hybrids make you do? You described being used to train some of them to assimilate into human society. Can you elaborate on that and other facets of the hybrids interaction with you?

KA – My first experience with a human-looking hybrid happened when I was 6-years-old. That particular one has always been around me, although at times he seems to disappear for a year or two. He always seems to come back though. Although he looks very human, his mannerisms are stiff and odd. I think most people would know something was wrong if they interacted with him consciously.

About 2 years ago, I was introduced (by the grey/rep hybrid mentioned above) to another very human-looking hybrid. Over the course of about 8 months, I instructed him on various social situations and helped him to fit into our society. I don’t believe anyone would be able to tell he was different from a human on any level, unless he gave it away himself.

Since that time, there have been quite a few human-looking hybrids that I’ve instructed on fitting into society. As part of this, they have made me do such things as go to stores with them and explain/show how to purchase items, why certain items must be bought, why others don’t need to be, how to use money, the role of the cashier, fitting clothing before purchasing, and how to store food properly (when buying groceries). I have had long sessions of explaining social situations with them, from “Hello” and other appropriate greetings right through to “Goodbye.” Often, they will telepathically ask a question that also contains a picture in my mind. Telepathic conversation is very, very different than auditory conversation. The picture will often be of one of them in a social situation where something happened that called attention to them. In one, it was a group setting and the hybrid was confused as to whether he needed to greet each and every person in the room personally. That led to a long conversation on groups and parties, and the proper social etiquette required.

Beyond helping them to fit into society, there has always been a strong sexual link with most of them. Let me say up front I do not like this aspect of my involvement in the phenomenon at all. I’m in a committed relationship and don’t wish to have these associations. However, I’m not given that choice. Most begin with a staring procedure that will either evoke specific feelings, or render me passive. The entire ordeal is rather “business as usual” for them and they don’t seem to get the same enjoyment out of it as we do. However, it does appear to be a necessary part of their make up for some reason.

JB – Can you describe the different types of hybrids from the standpoint of behavior or what they do to you or make you do?

KA – All of my answers to this point have generally included only those human-looking hybrids that seem to be assimilating into our society. They seem to all belong to one group and act similar to one another. Their primary focus is to fit in here on Earth and not call attention to themselves. From what I can tell, they just want to blend in. What they have me do for them relates to this and I went into some detail in the last question about those activities. Their demeanor is usually one of learning, but make no mistake, their needs always come first. If I’m tired, hurting, or otherwise not up to helping them, that makes little difference. And, if I don’t want sexual relations with them, that also has no impact on the situation. This group is single-minded in what they need to accomplish and all else takes a back seat.

There is another group I frequently interact with that seems more concerned with security. Never once has one of these security-minded hybrids ever shown any interest in fitting into our world. They are concerned that everything they do remain secret and that no proof of the ongoing program is obtained. Because I talk about my experiences with some people, I’ve had many dealings with these security-minded hybrids. Their focus is completely on secrecy, compliance, and protection for both the hybrids and the other aliens.

When I trust someone enough to tell them some of the things that happen to me, I can usually count on a visit from one or more of the security-minded ones. They will tell me I must not speak of anything to do with them and they reinforce this by staring at me and what I call “pushing” it into my mind. It is some kind of control they use over my own thoughts and if they “push” hard enough, I find it very difficult to overcome. I will suddenly just feel like I don’t want to discuss anything, or that I don’t want to set up a camera to catch them on film, or whatever the situation at hand is. I have become adept at sensing when I have these aversions to things and can fight against them. I do worry that there are suggestions that have been given to me along the way that I don’t know enough to question, though. These suggestions they give me usually last a few months without any reinforcement. After that, they seem to lose their power to control me, although the ideas remain. If these suggestions are important, they will reinforce them periodically so that this fading effect doesn’t occur.

Another function of the security ones is to punish. If I fight through their suggestions enough, they will dole out a punishment as a further deterrent. Punishments have been everything from rape, to physical abuse (with broken bones at times), to mind games, to horrifying images and threats against those I care about. These punishment sessions can sometimes last 6 to 8 hours and incorporate many of the various punishments they use. Once, when I had information they wanted and I was resisting telling them, they treated me to several nights in a row, all night long, of abuse. I was repeatedly raped and beaten, as well as had my head pushed under water until I felt I would drown. Eventually, they either get the information or move on to another tactic. They never give up.

JB – Another abductee I spoke to described the physical and psychological torture the hybrids perpetrated upon him. The hybrids acted as if he, the abductee, was the bad guy and deserved to be punished. He has also been sexually abused by the reptilians and the hybrids. Was this similar to how the hybrids that you interacted with treated you?

KA – I think I kind of answered that in the question above, but yes, they do tend to treat me in a similar way. In their eyes, I am the “bad guy” because I am speaking about them to others. I am resisting their suggestions and trying very hard to prevent myself from helping them with their plans. This makes me someone to punish in whatever way they wish. Obedience is the name of the game for them and as long as I’m not cooperating, they continue the abuse. However, that said, this is only those security-minded hybrids. The assimilation-minded hybrids in general aren’t abusive, but rather more business-like about the situation. I have had situations where I was uncooperative for one of them though, and they have called in a security hybrid to handle the problem.

JB – How pervasive are these hybrids? They have been described as having infiltrated every segment of society. Is that what you have observed?

KA – In my everyday life, I don’t come in contact with those who are in government or positions of power. So, I haven’t noticed them in those positions, but that is understandable. They very well could be and I just don’t know it.

I have noticed them in stores and other public places. Occasionally, when watching television of some live event, I will see one. Of course, I can’t be positive, but there is something in the way they look and their demeanor that just sets off alarms in me. I do see them and in many different situations and this seems to be happening more and more frequently. My guess is they are infiltrating quietly into all walks of life.

JB – What are the psychic and metaphysical capabilities manifested by these hybrids? You’ve described how they can suddenly appear within your home even when the doors and windows are locked. Can you elaborate on that?

KA – I think their abilities can be divided up into mental powers and physical powers. Mentally, they can converse using telepathy, control the thoughts and feelings of a human to a large degree, induce paralysis in humans to prevent physical fighting or running away, and force physiological responses such as sexual arousal.

Physically, I have observed them going through walls and windows as the small grey aliens do. I’ve also seen them on occasion affect electronic devices such as a doorbell (not a mechanical one, but an electronic one) and a computer. I’m not sure if this is accidental or deliberate. The times I have observed it, it appeared to be accidental. As you mentioned, they have appeared in my home when all the doors and windows remain locked. I haven’t observed how they do that, but I assume it is the same way as the small gray aliens who utilize a light beam in the process.

JB – Can you elaborate on what they are trying to do when they stare into your eyes? You indicated that it was a form of mind control where they are either trying to condition you to think or behave in certain ways or conversely to make you forget about certain things. You mentioned how they do something to you which engenders thoughts and memories on any given subject. Can you elaborate on that?

KA – When they stare into my eyes, many things can be going on depending on the situation. When I have not been obedient in some way, often the first thing they do when arriving is stare at me to see what I have done or not done. For instance, have I spoken to someone about subjects I am forbidden to talk about? Have I remembered too much about my last encounter? Did I somehow get physical evidence of them such as a picture or recording? Staring is the first thing they do to get answers to these and like questions.

Relating to the gathering of information on obedience issues, they will often use the same staring session to instill the “proper” behavior in me. For instance, if they discover I’ve spoken about them to someone, they might then “push” the idea that I don’t ever want to talk about that subject again. Or perhaps, that I don’t ever want to speak to that particular person again. If they do find evidence of disobedience, they will almost always include instructions designed to control my behavior in some way. Occasionally, they use these controlling instructions by themselves for times when they are reinforcing old suggestions or under similar circumstances.

Another way they use staring procedures is to get information on teaching/assimilation issues. This can happen in a linear format, such as one of them stares at me and asks a question, and then I answer it. The process repeats with different questions (almost always on the same subject though). This is rather slow and is similar to having a regular conversation. The big difference is that pictures and feelings can also be given with the words to enhance the meaning of the question.

A different way they use staring to learn a subject is more complex to describe. The hybrid will begin by staring at me and I will be aware he/she is doing something to me, but not exactly what. Very quickly, I will feel more of a link to this hybrid’s mind and I will “hear” a subject. The subject will not be in words, but rather more of a pure thought form. Instantly, my mind will fill with everything I know on this subject, even minor and obscure things. Anything that I have ever connected to it in any way will be there. I then feel like this entire block of knowledge is transferred to the hybrid. Sometimes they will do this with four or five subjects in a row. It usually leaves me feeling exhausted and drained.

Other ways they have used staring on me have included giving me pictures and showing me things. Sometimes these are used to explain something to me, such as something they want me to do. Other times these are used as a form of punishment and I am shown disturbing images of friends and family being harmed because of my actions. These images can be very powerful and seem absolutely real as I’m viewing them.

The last way they use staring is to elicit emotions such as sexual feelings when they wish to either engage in sexual intercourse or perform gynecological procedures on me. They have also used the ability to induce emotions in the context of forcing me to feel protective of the human hybrids and engendering emotions of love and compliance.

JB – Can you describe how the hybrids have threatened your friends and loved ones and how they have made some of your friends within your support system break off their friendship with you?

KA – As you know, this is still a bit difficult for me to talk about as I just suffered another loss of a friend. They have told me on many occasions that if I speak to anyone in detail about them or my experiences, they will find the person and end the relationship I have with them. After several in a row, I’m now a believer.

They seem to be more concerned with people I share a lot of information on an ongoing basis with, rather than just a casual contact. But, they are quite effective with those who they target as potential threats. They also routinely threaten even those I don’t talk to if they think I care enough about them to make them an effective way to discipline me. For instance, my children will be threatened and I will be shown horrible images of their being mistreated or dying when I’m resisting. I understand this to mean they will make this happen if I don’t obey.

My feeling is that the security-minded hybrids have decided I shouldn’t speak to anyone about my experiences. Furthermore, there has been a concerted effort to remove any kind of support system I have that may encourage me to resist them, and also to discredit what I say so that if the information does become public at some point, no one will pay attention to it. They have been very effective so far. I do believe if I ever begin working with someone again, that person will also be cut off from me in the same way.

JB – Can you describe some of the technology they have used in your presence and what kinds of technology you have seen in their bases?

KA – The light beam to go up to the vehicles and back down again is a very common bit of their technology. I believe it allows them to pass through walls and windows as well.

I have seen items placed on my head in various positions that seems to allow them to either communicate more fully with me, or to control me more fully. These seem to be electronic devices and there is usually a few moments of pain associated with them when placed on my head. Some of them seem to go across the top of my head, while others go around the back or across my forehead area. The devices appear to give them more access to my mind, although I’m not sure how. In recent months, I’ve been subjected to these devices with increasing frequency.

In one particularly horrible event about a year ago, I was seated in what looked like a dentist’s chair. A device was put on my head that ran from the back of one ear, around the back of my head, and stopped just before it got to my other ear. As I looked down on my body, I suddenly saw electricity arcing across it, but I could not move to try to stop the process. In the midst of my pain and fear, a tall grey began staring at me. I remember I tried to resist, but I felt like he was so much more powerful that he just buried my own ego deep within me. I could not fight against him at all. As the process continued, I felt my mind being manipulated easily by this being. When it was over, I found I could not care about things very much. I felt emotionally numb, for lack of a better term. I woke up the next day feeling the same way and the feeling has persisted to this day, although it’s not as strong now. I had been passionate about fighting against them before this, but after it, I just didn’t care if I fought or not. I feel as though I lost a part of my soul in that experience. I live in constant fear of being taken back to that chair.

I have also used a map-like device of theirs. This was interesting because it seemed to be tied into my thoughts. I would look at a screen, which would become a kind of 3D image of a map. As I would think of roads or landmarks, they would become highlighted in some way on the map. Roads would seem to lift up when I was thinking about them, landmarks would suddenly become visible, and features would get brighter. As I would think about traveling along a road, the road itself would twist and turn, and it would appear the line was actually moving as if I were traveling along it.

Related to the map, I have seen many screen-like devices that when looked at become a 3D representation of whatever image(s) they are displaying. These don’t seem to be particularly interactive, but more controlled by the aliens or hybrids as something they want me to see or learn. The image(s) feel very real and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between real life and an image until the process is over and the screen is pulled away.

JB – Can you describe what went on in some of the places the hybrids took you in your home town? You described a warehouse full of these hybrids

KA – They have taken me many places in and around where I live. There are several abandoned buildings in the area and those have been favorites for having a group of them meet with me and transfer knowledge using that block of information method I described in the question on staring above. Because these buildings often have giant, open rooms within them, many hybrids can be there at once.

I’ve also gone to many area stores with them to teach them how to navigate and purchase items. One hybrid was fascinated with televisions. There was a 24 hour store nearby that would have a wall of them turned on so you could see the picture. He would have me take him there frequently so he could stare at them. Other times, I would take him to various stores or sections of stores and explain the goods they contained (such as a pharmacy and all the medications, etc.). I would then need to explain why someone might buy or have on hand all of the items. Often when running errands for my own family, a hybrid would come along and ask questions. Why was I going to this store? What was the purpose of it? What would happen if I didn’t go? The questions often felt endless. Occasionally, the hybrids would even ask questions of store clerks, who would answer as well.

I have, of course, had them frequently in my home. I’ve also been to apartments where they were living. Sometimes this was so that I could inspect the apartment and make sure nothing was wrong that would call attention to them; other times it was for staring, punishments, or sexual relations.

JB – Also can you describe some of the other places like apartments they live in? You taught some of these hybrids how to blend into human society and how to decorate their homes to make them look normal. Can you elaborate on that?

KA – From what I’ve seen, they are in standard apartments that are within apartment complexes. Humans live near and next to them and I assume they have no idea exactly who or what their neighbors are. I have seen one hybrid living in one apartment, where everyone else in the building or complex is human. I have also seen multiple hybrids living in many apartments within the same building or complex. It almost seems like they have taken over the building or complex in those instances.

Most of the time, it seems to be one hybrid to an apartment, but once I did observe about four hybrids in just one apartment. I believe that was a two-bedroom unit.

Things I have corrected them on have been everything from the very obvious to the subtle. Furniture in the wrong room – a couch in the dining room, for instance, canned goods in the refrigerator. Pots and pans stacked on the living room floor. It’s amazing what they know, but even more amazing what they don’t. Everyday living things have to be learned by the ones hoping to assimilate. I even had to give lessons to one about how to use a telephone and why you would want to. I’ve gone over showering, bathing, and basic hygiene routines. Why you would want a towel in the bathroom. Where your clothes should go, how to cook simple things, what things go in the refrigerator so it doesn’t look odd. An empty refrigerator will look odd, but so will one stocked with strange things like canned goods. I’ve gone over when to throw things away that have gone bad as well. A fridge with milk in it looks fine, unless the milk is 6 months old.

JB – What do you think is the ultimate purpose for these hybrids being here?

KA – Of course, no one can really answer that but the aliens and hybrids themselves. If I had to guess, I would say their immediate purpose is to infiltrate the Earth on every level of society, and in every society on the planet. This, in turn, leads me to conclude that the goal is to eventually take over the planet. I don’t know why. I’m not sure the why’s are important, to be honest. Intellectually speaking, it would be nice to know. But, from a purely practical standpoint, we should be focusing on preventing this from happening if that’s possible. The why’s aren’t needed to address the immediate threat, and I do believe this is a threat to our way of life and existence.

Analysis and Comparison

The conclusions I make at the end of this paper are entirely my own. Karen would not necessarily agree with some of the conclusions I have drawn. Karen is a very astute observer and as you have seen in the interview part of this paper, she is a very articulate and well spoken person. She is very courageous and has endured a lot of physical and psychological abuse from the greys and the human hybrids not to mention harassment from other abductees who are under alien control. Karen is a true heroine in every sense of the word.

There are parallels between the activities of the hybrids witnessed by Karen, the subject of this paper, and the hybrids witnessed by “P.R.” who I have also interviewed. Karen did not have any conscious memories of the reptilians. Later after she and I began communicating with one another, a being that I believe to be a reptilian visited her twice and expressed its displeasure at her for talking to me. She did state that the being directing the activities and the training of the hybrids appeared to be a cross between a reptilian and a tall grey. The greys were the beings that usually abducted her.

P.R. on the other hand has clear memories of the reptilians and the hybrids working together. P.R. believes that the hybrids he encountered were created by and are working for the reptilians. In fact P.R. recalls seeing the reptilians transferring the consciousness from a reptilian into a human or perhaps a human appearing hybrid.

Karen was used as a trainer of the human hybrids. She taught them how to blend into human society so as not to appear different or unusual. Like P.R., Karen was sadistically tortured and raped by the “security-minded” hybrids. Karen has described some of the psychic techniques the hybrids have used on her such as “Pushing” which is a means whereby the hybrid forces commands, suggestions or ideas into her mind merely by staring into Karen’s eyes. They can also manipulate her to have emotions or feelings towards a particular hybrid that she is training. This is yet another example of an abductee’s feelings and emotions being manipulated. Too often abductees take at face value the externally contrived feelings they have towards the aliens who are abducting them.

It seems that the hybrids had a more utilitarian use for Karen, albeit tinged with periods of frequent abuse, than they did for P.R. P.R. was not used to train hybrids. It almost seems as if the hybrids and reptilians tortured P.R. for the sheer pleasure of it whereas the hybrids clearly intended for Karen to train hybrids in the nuances of everyday life in human society. The hybrids realized that Karen represented a tremendous resource of knowledge and wisdom about human society. The hybrids seem incapable of showing any kind of gratitude. As Karen pointed out, it didn’t matter if she was tired or worn out, if the hybrids wanted to rape her or be tutored by her for hours on end, the hybrids always got what they wanted. The aliens used the torture chair on her which has been described by other abductees. The devices range from chairs to metal platforms. Sometimes the aliens will use portable devices to torture abductees. (Years ago a small brown entity placed a “half collar” onto the back of my neck and electrocuted the hell out of me. All the while the little brown ET was laughing at me.)

Karen trained female hybrids and young hybrids as well as the male hybrids. She trained hybrids singly and in groups. She trained them in an entirely alien environment or conversely in a more mundane location like a warehouse or an apartment. She told me that they are tremendously fast learners. I asked her if these hybrids seem to age at the same rate as normal humans. She stated that they seem to age slower than we do, citing the time when one of the hybrids she used to see quite often years ago, returned for an unexpected visit. This hybrid didn’t seem to have aged at all.

Who or What Is In Control Of These Particular Hybrids?

From the moment Karen related her story to me, I suspected the reptilians were behind the hybrids and were in ultimate control of the hybrids activities. This belief does not stem from any preconceived bias I have about reptilians. I know that the reptilians like to operate behind the scenes. By the time I had spoken to Karen I had thoroughly debriefed “P.R.” about his experiences with hybrids and the reptilians.

Karen did not have any conscious memories of reptilians. She had been going through a period of harassment and cyber stalking from other abductees who had been “turned” against her. These other abductees had befriended her but eventually they were manipulated to turn against her. These easily manipulated abductees (which I’ve always referred to as “Muppets”) then began a smear campaign against her on the internet. They falsely claimed that Karen fabricated all of her stories and was harassing them!

It is very common for the aliens and in particular the reptilians to “turn” other abductees against a particular abductee. The ETs like to isolate a particularly troublesome abductee who knows too much. Note the frequent admonitions from the tall grey-reptilian being and the hybrids to not remember her experiences and to never reveal what she knows about the ET-Hybrid activities.

Shortly after Karen and I began communicating with one another, Karen was visited by a tall dark entity and a smaller entity. The tall entity stayed on one side of her bed and the smaller entity stayed on the other side effectively hemming her in. Her spouse was sleeping and unable to awaken. Karen felt a horribly negative energy emanating from the taller dark being. It was a feeling and a dread she had never felt before despite all the other experiences she has had.

The tall dark “Shadow” being then warned her about revealing anything about the activities of the Greys and the Hybrids. Twice the shadow being warned her against speaking to me in particular. Karen feels that she was visited twice that evening. Based on her description of this tall shadow being and the negative energy it was emitting I was satisfied that it was a reptilian that visited her that night. Many abductees, myself included, have awoken to find a tall dark being looming over them. The negative energy emitted by such a being combined with the powerful psychic abilities of the entity can effectively paralyze and immobilize an abductee. Mere words cannot describe the feeling of dread such a visitation inspires within an abductee. (Certain animals in the animal kingdom have a natural way to paralyze their victims. For example a Tiger can emit a roar that reverberates in the chest of a human or animal victim and effectively paralyze it. Likewise the reptilians negative energy can trigger a similar paralysis within humans.)

Karen purposely avoided contact with me for a few days but eventually felt compelled to tell me about this tall shadow being and to warn me about him. (This was not the first time that abductees had been warned by the reptilians to never talk or share information with me. “P.R.” was also warned by the reptilians to stay away from me. Other abductees were warned by the reptilians about sharing information with me and Barbara Bartholic.)

Karen was more concerned about my safety than her own. I reassured Karen and promised her that I would never turn my back on her like all the other abductees had done. It had gotten to the point that Karen fully expected anyone she befriended to turn against her. Karen feels that whoever is behind the hybrids, be they greys or reptilians, the ultimate purpose behind all this activity is the enslavement of the human race. She rightfully sounds the clarion call of resistance.

The most inspiring finale to any movie I’ve ever seen comes at the end of the Stargate movie when the natives of the Planet Abydos who had originally been brought there as slaves from Earth, rebelled against their False God (an alien) and attained their freedom with the help of the Stargate team. One day in the not-too-distant future I believe a small segment of the human population will eventually break free from reptilian control and thereafter undermine the efforts of the negative reptilians not only on this planet but elsewhere in the Cosmos. It is our destiny to leave this planet on our own terms and not as “seedlings” to germinate on another planet in the form of a genetically upgraded hominid so the reptilians can begin this process of planetary control and enslavement again.

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