My Location Displacement Experience

I experienced a “location displacement” experience once when I was driving from the High Desert of Southern California (i.e. Victorville, Barstow, Adelanto area) to San Diego which I have done countless times. This occurred in the late 1990s if I remember correctly. At the time close friends of mine in the High Desert were having frequent encounters with reptilians in their home and I often spent the weekend in the bedroom with the most activity and had encounters with reptilians on more than one occasion there. It was during my return trip back to San Diego one night that I somehow jumped from one place to another. Not once, not twice but four times! Each time I jumped I was closer and closer to my final destination, somehow missing significant landmarks and critical highway exits/onramps and junctions along the way.

There was no “missing time,” nor was I suffering from “highway hypnosis.” I was fully conscious, singing along to songs on the radio and looking for a particular highway on-ramp. If you are familiar with Southern California highways, you will know that you must be mindful of what lane you are driving on lest you wind up branching off from the highway you are on, to a completely different one.

Leaving Victorville I would take Interstate 15 southwest past the Cajon Summit and descend towards the junction of I-15 and I-215 headed to the “Inland Empire” through Riverside and San Bernardino. Either highway will take me to San Diego but I-215 avoids a lot of the heavy freeway traffic of the “Inland Empire” and will reconnect with I-15 further south.

If I remember correctly there are four occasions when a motorist driving on I-215 south towards I-15 south must stay on a particular lane, making lane adjustments when necessary. (I’ve always likened Southern California freeway driving to “Pod Racing” in “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.” The only thing missing are Sand People taking shots at you from highway overpasses.)

The third lane change is critical because the motorist must get into the far right lane and then enter an onramp beneath an overpass which ascends upwards, bears to the right and makes a complete loop back to the left. This continues I-215 in a more truly southbound direction. The motorist must accomplish this whilst avoiding other cars to the rear that are descending from this same loop, and merging with others in the far right lane. So you have cars entering and exiting this loop from the same far right lane.

The point I’m making is a motorist must be mindful of how he enters into this loop if he intends to stay on I-215 South. He or she can’t just drive along and hope he can squeeze into the far right lane at the last minute. There may be traffic backed up from the bottom of the onramp all the way to the top of the loop. Sometimes the motorist has to contend with the cars coming down off the loop merging onto the highway. Sometimes there is a complete circle of cars bumper to bumper with cars trying to get on the loop and cars trying to get off.

A motorist familiar with this onramp will want to slide over to the far right lane a good one or two miles before the loop and even then he may only have a car length or two to squeeze into it before he runs out of room and is “pinched out” and misses the exit entirely. Even though I was specifically looking for this onramp, I somehow missed it and wound up on course but about twenty miles further south! There are well lit stores and pink neon signs on either side of the freeway the last few miles leading up to this onramp. This is my “failsafe warning” which tells me my exit is coming up soon. There is no way I could have ended up further south on I-215 without getting onto this loop. It is just not possible. You cannot daydream your way onto this loop. If you are sleepy or not paying attention, you’d be lucky if you just missed this loop. Worst case is a high speed “Mulachee Crunch” from both front and back if you try to force your way into the loop at the last second.

Now I’m driving further south and wondering how the hell I got there. Again there was no missing time. I didn’t notice any weird temporal displacement scenes outside the car although it was night and I might have missed something. I was actually singing along to songs. I immediately recognized my present location and realized I soon had to exit onto a continuation of I-215. So I decided to put this strange experience behind me and worry about what happened later.

This upcoming exit/onramp is much less tricky than the one described above but is easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention. You must stay in the far right lane as the highway goes around a mountain. About halfway around the mountain the final I-215 exit/onramp appears. You take it and eventually I-215 reconnects with I-15 which leads straight back to San Diego.

The problem was I never took this exit! Somehow I missed the mountain, the exit, and the junction back onto southbound I-215. No sooner did I realize this when I made my third jump! This time I found myself driving past March Air Force Base. This latest jump traversed a distance of at least thirty miles. Just as I was coming to grips with this latest development, I made my fourth “jump.” This time I found myself north of Fallbrook which is a quite a distance south of March AFB. (I have to confirm some of these distances with Map quest.)

My road trip was accelerated but there was no sensation of flying or driving faster than normal. Everything appeared normal in my headlights and along the side of the road. I did not feel any different during or after this unusual episode. I did not see any UFOs or any strange lights in the sky. But somehow, some way I skipped over road junctions and exits/onramps that were absolutely necessary for me to reach my destination.

I mentioned that I was singing in real time to songs on the radio. This is important because anyone who has driven that route knows they must periodically change radio stations as stations fade and lose their signal strength. I had driven that route so many times I knew exactly when to change stations. I would go from Rock and Rock to oldies and back to Rock and Roll based on where I was driving. Not once did my radio signal experience interference. Nor did my radio suddenly stop working. When I was out of range of any stations I pushed a cassette tape into the cassette player. It is a commonly reported facet of UFO sightings that car radios suddenly go dead or begin to receive a lot of static and interference. This did not happen to me.

James Bartley is an Alien Abductee who has had numerous encounters with non-human life forms including the Reptilians and Reptilian Greys. He is a student of military history with an emphasis on Intelligence/Counterintelligence and Special Operations. He has studied the economic, financial, military and political aspects of the reptilian inspired New World Order.

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