Commentary 88 1P6 Gene Deletion and the Zombie Apocalypse

James Bartley discusses the implications of the 1P36 Gene Deletion and how it relates to the potential for a Zombie Apocalypse. James provides details from local news sources of a zombie attack in Oregon.

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  1. Insightful commentary James …oh so much to be said as far as changes in behavior in many levels in those around me and how noticeably different the challenges are ..

  2. This topic isn’t pretty, yet, we’ve already seen plenty of evidence. It does strike a chord of fear, but prepares our consciousness as well as taking solid measures of protection. It makes perfect sense when you describe the additional components of the Vax. Your ability to describe various aspects from research, private conversations and experiences gives a full picture. Not many people would have the ability to present this material the way you do. Thank you!

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