The Magelion’s Commentary #1 The Coherent Space

Liz the Magelion returns to The Cosmic Switchboard for her first commentary.

In part one, Liz discusses the multi-layered dynamics of healing from trauma and how knowing thyself is a continual reintegration process, in which she discovers deeper truths about herself. She reveals how workplace trauma uncovered previously hidden memories of childhood trauma which resurfaced to be processed and healed. Liz has faced life with complex PTSD. Liz illustrates the importance of responding with coherence verus reacting with incoherence and how coming to a neutral space enables one to master their energy and intuitive knowledge. Liz also discusses the importance of maintaining this neutral energetic frequency especially in our current societal climate. Liz describes how unhealed patterns repeat in our lives and how she started to notice, shift, and break them.

In part two, Liz exposes spiritual bullies and the “as above, so below nature” of our experience in this realm called Earth. She briefly discusses the realness of the imagination, parenting children to be empowered from a young age and how those who’ve lived through trauma can be a loosh feast for spiritual warfare especially during the deprogramming process. Liz provides tools for experiencing emotions in a balanced way, techniques that worked for her to cease repetitive thought loops and images, as well as getting to know and re-parent the inner child. She delves into how she eliminated physical pain and electrical zapping sensations that came from an unseen source as well as how to use one’s body as a dowsing instrument (kinesiology testing) to discover yes or no answers to questions. Liz discusses how she began taking dominion and refers to an article she wrote, which can be found on her website in the Toolbox Section, and how the Negs impacted her physical world and her loved ones to prevent her from remembering and healing deep-seated trauma. Liz gives real-life examples of “Agent Smiths” interfering in her life and how she was able to gain an upper hand on those situations.

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