Solreta Antaria Clairvoyant Light Language

Clairvoyant, Psychic Reader and lifelong ET Contactee Solreta Antaria talks about her life growing up with a variety of unusual experiences. Solreta is a psychic reader and clairvoyant.

Part 1 cut off abruptly at around the 52 minute mark due to a combination of a storm and no internet connection and outright interference. We had to set another date and time to get part two in..

In Part 2 Solreta Antaria discusses her Childhood ET Experiences and her thoughts on some of the next generation of kids who are very gifted.


Watch Part 1 on Youtube:

Part 1:

Part 2 – Members Only:


Part 2 – Members Only: Mirror Stream

***If you experience unreliable playback or looping issues with part 2 the mirror stream will fix this.***

Part 2 – Members Only Video



Part 1: mp3
Part 2 Members Only: mp3 Audio mp4 Video


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