Poppy Mayan Missions Intervew

Poppy was born into a “what the hell is this place” kind of reality in the early 60’s and has sought all her life to find answers to questions like, “How can people do the kinds of things they do?” “Am I a part of an experiment?” and “Am I being watched?”
Poppy’s work and connection with the Mayan energies is about her great love for Pachamama (Earth Mother) and Poppy is happy to work alongside those who truly share this love.
Poppy is a survivor of SRA and extreme trauma during her childhood. Poppy has had encounters with non-human life forms including ETs, Reptilians, Elementals and other beings. Poppy is a student of Mayan Astrology.
In Part 2 Poppy talks about how she applied Natural Healing Modalities to minister to her own health. She also talks about how biowarfare is being used to sicken the population.


Poppy’s Website: Mayan Missions

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Part 1:

Part 2 – Members Only Audio:

Part 2 – Members Only Audio: Mirror Stream

Part 2 – Members Only Video:



Part 1: mp3
Part 2 Members Only: mp3 Audio, mp4 Video

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