Bret Oldham Interview

Bret Oldham is a well known alien abductee and paranormal investigator. He is known for his abduction experiences, his work with other abductees, and his EVP and Spirit Box work and research. Bret has written  many magazine articles, books and has been a  featured speaker at many MUFON and other ufo and ghost groups.

Bret Oldham, Alien Abductee and Author of Children of The Greys and The Baby Takers, discusses his Alien Abduction Experiences. He talks about how some abductees develop Psi Abilities as the result of their ET Encounters. Bret talks about Post Abduction Syndrome, the Mass Hybridization Program and the Sexual Manipulation of Alien Abductees.

In Part 2 Bret Oldham elaborates on the Hybridization Program, the Emotional Manipulation, Sexual Manipulation and also discusses the Reptilians.

Brets Books: Children of the Greys, The Baby Takers


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Part 1:

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