Paul Blake Smith Interview

Paul was born in Cape Girardeau’s Southeast Hospital, raised in town, and educated by the Cape public school system. He was a four-year Mass Communications Major with an English Minor at Southeast Missouri State University. Paul’s grandfather, Randolph P. Smith, was a 50-year-practice attorney in Cape, and was also a judge, plus the town’s City Attorney for ten years. Paul’s father was his grandfather’s paralegal assistant, having been educated in Cape, at SEMO, and at Washington University Law School. Paul’s mother was a longtime school teacher in nearby Scott County, where some feel the 1941 UFO crash occurred, just outside of Cape’s city and county borders. Today, Paul lives and works in western Missouri, working on other books and movie screenplays.

In Part 1 Paul Blake Smith, the author of “MO41: The Bombshell Before Roswell”, discusses the Cape Girardeau Missouri UFO Crash Retrieval which occurred on April 12th 1941. Paul describes the first handed eyewitnesses in Cape Girardeau and also discusses the actions taken by the Army and the Government locally as well as nationally. Paul talks about the key roles played by President Franklin Roosevelt and also describes corroborating evidence from leaked official documentation.

In Part 2 Paul Blake Smith discusses the testimony of second hand witnesses to the Cape Girardeau UFO Crash Event as well as aspects of his second book “3 Presidents, 2 Accidents: More MO41 UFO Crash Data and Surprises.”

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  1. Very interesting interviews. When I was listening I was thinking that what we refer to as greys, in this case, might be some sort of humans who either self sacrifice themselves or are sacrificed to come into our dimension and are greatly deteriorated in the physical body as a result. I was also wondering if the trips were made to try to alter the direction of history. It seems as if the Americans/ Allies/ USSR were fighting on the side of the non-human cyborg agenda.

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