Reptilians: Understanding the Hive Consciousness

“Christian Fundamentalist,” “Projecting our own Fears and Negativity,” “Spiritual Retardation”, “Positive and Negative Polarities” and “Fear Based” are terms used, usually dripping with contempt and resentment, by the Reptilian Controlled Muppet Show whenever they want to marginalize and downplay any valid information about the Reptilian Overlordship.

This Treatise is devoted towards a greater understanding of the Collective Hive Consciousness which is THE PRIMARY SOURCE OF Reptilian Propaganda and Disinformation. I will provide examples of Hive Consciousness Thinking, Writing and Operational Methods. I will describe techniques such as “Distortion” which effectively utilizes Acrimony and Confusion in order to distort or twist the Truth and render any further discussion about reptilians meaningless. The latter tactic is particularly effective on the internet to subvert group list devoted to serious discussion of the subject.

We must learn to recognize when we are being fed Propaganda. As an avid Baseball Fan I read the sports pages of newspapers around the country via the internet. I immediately recognize an attempt by a local “beat” writer to exaggerate the accomplishments of a non-contending team or an obscure player in order to develop more local interest which translates into larger fan attendance at the local ballpark. I understand the need on the part of the local writers to develop the personal biographies of baseball players in order to generate fan interest and loyalty to a particular team. I can see right through all of the propaganda. The Abductee community must learn to recognize when propaganda is being disseminated and the nefarious motives behind it.

Like the Hydra of Mythology, just when you have exposed one “Researcher” as a reptilian host/Hive Consciousness Muppet or identified another website as a reptilian propaganda medium, another two hosted researchers and a half dozen websites appear in their place. This many headed dragon could only spew out the same Modality of Belief and Thought through the Control and Manipulation of countless humans and human-reptilian hybrids.

Chaplain O’Neil, the senior chaplain in General Patton’s vast Third Army referred to people like us as “Spiritually Alert Minorities” in his seminal Training Order # 5 which dealt with the Power of Prayer to the Warrior. As we shall see “Spiritually Alert Minorities” are the polar opposite of the Hive Consciousness which pollutes the world today.

The man who ordered this training order promulgated was General George S. Patton Jr. General Patton believed himself to be a reincarnated warrior. General Patton didn’t reincarnate as a philosopher, a psychologist, an academic (although his knowledge of history was second to none) or anything else. He only came back as a soldier to fight wars. He remembered lives as a Greek Hoplite fighting under Alexander, as a Roman Legionary in the legendary X Legion (The Terrible Tenth) under Julius Caeser, as a soldier fighting for Belisarius during the Byzantine Wars, and as a cavalryman under Napolean’s cavalry leader Murat just to name a few. Reincarnation was what his poem “Through A Glass Darkly” was all about.

“Through the travail of Ages, amidst the pomp and the toils of War. I have fought and strove and perished, countless times upon this Star. As if through a glass and darkly, the age old strife I see. Oh I have fought in many guises, and many names, BUT ALWAYS ME.”

Throughout his storied life he astonished friends, acquaintances and perfect strangers with his intimate knowledge about places he had never been to in his current life. This has been witnessed and documented by numerous individuals. I’m referring to MINUTE DETAILS about terrain features and events which he could not possibly have known about.

In one instance during the First World War, he described a clearing within a densely wooded region on the other side of a mountain range during pitch black darkness to an astonished French officer. When asked how he could have known about such an obscure place that most local Frenchmen weren’t even aware of, he merely stated that he had been there in a past life.

On another occasion he and a friend disagreed over a particular facet of the Battle of Gettysburg while they were walking through Gettysburg National Park. Patton went into minute detail about the movements of a particular unit pointing out a particular terrain feature to buttress his argument.

At this point an aged veteran of the Battle of Gettysburg who was a member of the unit in question and who happened to be within earshot of this historical debate, announced to one and all that Patton was absolutely correct in every particular. When Patton was asked how he could have known about such a historically obscure aspect of the battle, Patton replied (again) “I was here.”

I’m talking about specifics here. Not this vague New Age La Dee Dah Karmic Krap that you always hear of today. Rule # 1in Spiritual Warfare: Pure Evil is Recycled. Hitler is NOT going to live a thousand lives as an oppressed person until he “Learns his lesson.” That is ridiculous and is fundamentally a HIVE CONSCIOUSNESS CREDO PROMOTED BY COUNTLESS SPIRIT GUIDES AND SPIRITUAL GURUS (read reptilians).

Every generation has it turncoats, traitors and those who simply turn a blind eye when someone else is hauled in for “questioning,” “relocation” or “re-education.” Our generation is no different. Expect no help from the Spiritually Blind because the Spiritually Blind will always be used as an Asset of the Reptilian Overlords of this world.

General Patton can hardly be regarded as a Christian Fundamentalist for his “Heretical Beliefs” in Reincarnation. Unlike your typical New Age La Dee Dah of today who “remember” past lives as environmentalist or philosophers, Patton only came back as a Warrior. He was therefore the quintessential pragmatist and realist. In a reptilian controlled virtual reality, there will ALWAYS be war because Humanity would not have been allowed to spiritually evolve beyond the need for War.

A little known fact I will share right now is that many of the Spiritual Warriors fighting against the Reptilian Overlords at many different levels of Awareness and States of Being are themselves Reincarnated Warriors.


An aspect of the Reptilian Collective Hive Consciousness which I am exposing now is that which attempts to lump any serious thought about the nature of the Reptilian Overlordship as nothing more than fanatical “Christian Fundamentalism.” The latter, a Mantra chanted by the Hive Consciousness.

I will expose other aspects of the Hive Consciousness so the reader will have no difficulty differentiating between The Hive and “Spiritually Alert Minorities.”

An understanding of the Hive Consciousness is invaluable when attempting to identify “Assets” which are being used by the reptilians to promote their agenda of Global Control and Spiritual Enslavement. As we shall see, Assets within the Academic community are a fundamental part of the reptilian propaganda machine.

I will go into great detail about how the “Educational System” or what passes for it, is the foundation or the factory, if you will, that spits out these drone hive minded individuals who are used as Academic or “Credentialed” Assets such as Richard Boylan and Steven Greer. Both of them are host for reptilian entities. Steven Greer delights in leading group meditations at or near energy ley lines and interdimensional vortex areas. There is no better way to become possessed or hosted by malevolent non-human entities.

Greer’s facial structure is that of a classic reptilian hybrid i.e. the eyes sunk deep into the eye sockets, the ridge over the eyebrows, the high cheekbones and sunken cheeks. However, its his overweening arrogance and contempt for human life that gives him away. Not to mention his inability to tell the truth.

When Greer arranged a meeting between members of Congress and those who had first hand knowledge of Alien technology, he prevented certain individuals from relating what they knew to be the truth. He has denied that a house next door to his late colleague was burned down by operatives working for the deep black government and has denied that any of the informants involved with the abortive meeting in Washington DC received threats and intimidation. He has consistently denied that he is in ill health. His circle of intimates consistently and persistently deny that there is anything wrong with him. He is a typical deceitful reptilian host. Is there any other kind?

I intentionally used words like “Chaplain” and “Prayer” for a reason. Any number of muppets would have begun foaming at the mouth upon reading those words, such is the nature and depth of the programming they have endured. The Hive capitalizes on the knee jerk value judgements that the hive minded make upon certain buzzwords and “Chaplain” and “Prayer” are examples of such buzzwords.

If anyone out there is still grumbling about bad experiences they had with “Organized Religion” the latter another name for a form of worship invented by the Reptilians through the medium of their Secret Societies, I have some good advice for you: GROW UP. You were suckered like anyone else.

Anyone who thinks the world is only a few thousand years old shouldn’t be taken seriously anyway. The hive consciousness capitalizes on the negative experiences that many have had with “organized religions.”

In the recent past I have been collecting the writings and quotes made by members of the Hive Consciousness for analysis and evaluation and my findings will be startling to many and troubling to those who are still searching out the answers to spiritual questions. As we shall see, many of the agitators and instigators bent on undermining serious discussion about the UFO subject on the internet are actually “Notional” identities created by just a few individuals.

Although you will find countless members of the hive everywhere, especially on the internet, it is only a relatively few hard core reptilian assets who promote the strife and discord which effectively stifles meaningful discussion about the reptilians. And yet, when you visit their websites or talk to them in person they come off as articulate and erudite people. That is what I meant by a “many headed dragon” of deceit and treachery.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: We simply must recognize when these Reptilian Assets are in our midst spewing their toxic propaganda and philosophy. We must especially be aware of those smooth talking silver tongued individuals who say all the right clichés about “Spirituality” and “positive and negative polarities” as being the biggest deceivers.

If you pay close attention to what they are really saying, you will find that their circular reasoning invariably leads back to the notion that it is HUMANS that are bad, it is Humans that are evil and it is Humans that are projecting out their own darkness and negativity into a pristine world which the reptilians are desperately trying to preserve for the greater Glory of Mankind.

They are Hive. Plain and simple.

Before I discuss how the Hive scapegoats Christianity in general and “Christian Fundamentalism” in particular, we must realize that ALL the organized religions and their various offshoots today were founded by Serpenthood Fraternal Orders such as the Freemasons.

There is ample evidence for this in the historical record but if one just studies the architecture, rituals and especially the testimony of those members of the Illuminati who have defected, it becomes apparent that organized religion has been utilized by the New World Order in order to recruit new members at the local level and as a cover to conduct their illegal activities.

Manipulation of thought, behaviour modification and the imposition of guilt and fear are tactics which organized western religions utilize against their worshippers. Nevertheless, there are always some who will not succumb to the blandishments of “Fundamentalist Christianity.”

That is why the Reptilian Overlords have set up a DEFAULT as it were. Its called “The Eastern Religions.” When “rebellious” and “free spirited” individuals turn away from the CONTROLLING and GUILT RIDDEN western religions, they turn to the mysteries of the EAST. And what do they find waiting for them in the east?

First. I refer the Truth Seeker to a book published by Adventures Unlimited Press called “Darkness Over Tibet” written in the 1930’s by a German traveller and adventurer named Theodor Illion. Illion goes into shocking detail about what he learned as the first white man allowed into the “Forbidden City” which is an underground city beneath Tibet populated by evil sorcerers and undead zombies who have been brought back to life by tantric sexual magick.

Second we must recognize exactly who and what the Superstars of the Eastern Traditions are today: Sai Baba and Maitreya. I have personally spoken with an individual who has made no less than ten different trips to India and has spent considerable time in the presence of Sai Baba.

This person’s paradigm was absolutely shattered when he witnessed with his own eyes not only Sai Baba raising people from the dead but also Sai Baba molesting young boys and young girls. Tal Brooke has written a book entitled “Lord Of The Air” which relates the authors own experiences with Sai Baba and describes how Sai Baba attempted to fondle his genitals as well as the genitals of other young men in his immediate circle. Tal had spoken with another man who described a horrifying experience with Sai Baba.

Sai Baba had attempted to have forcible sex with the young man during which the young man noticed to his horror that Sai Baba possessed the genitals of both a human male and female! Sai Baba is a Hermaphrodite! Hermaphrodism and Pedophilism are FUNDAMENTALLY REPTILIAN ATTRIBUTES AND CHARACTERISTICS. Anything that debases or degrades the human condition is par for the course for the reptilians.

And what of Maitreya? The Teacher and Avatar who is being sponsored by the United Nations? Maitreya’s official propaganda organ SHARE INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE features regular commentaries by high ranking United Nations luminaries and has routinely claimed credit for the Mother Mary Apparitions around the world.

So these are the “Superstars” of the Eastern Religions. Can you say “Reptilians?”

More than anything else this underscores the linkage between Christian Fundamentalism, in this case Catholicism and the New Age Movement which has at its core the Eastern Traditions. At first blush it would seem that the much reviled Christian Fundamentalist Movement has little or nothing in common with the Eastern Traditions but when one peers closely at the machinations of both SHARE and the Catholic Church the connection becomes crystal clear.

The Ecumenical Councils held by the Catholic Church are intended to bring ALL organized religious movements under the auspices of the Catholic Church under the leadership of Maitreya.


New Age La Dee Dahs intend for us to buy into their belief systems with no thought whatsoever to the consequences. Instead of a used car dealer trying to “sell” you on the relative merits of a used car, these New Agers try to sell you a “used belief system” which has helped to keep countless millions of humans living in a state of impoverishment and oppresion around the world. Thanks but no thanks.

“Christian Fundamentalism” will continue to be used as a smokescreen by the Hive until these muppets are confronted with the truth about the alternative: The Eastern Traditions have been set up by the reptilians. ALL the esoteric traditions point to the EAST as the fount of knowledge and spiritual insight. That is the hidden occultic meaning of the SHELL OIL symbol i.e. the Sun rising between two mountains in the EAST. The Eastern Traditions were a trap set ages ago to reel in the gullible and impressionable who have turned away from the “rigid fear based” Christian religions.

Since the term “Christianity” has taken on a pejorative meaning The Hive can effectively squelch any meaningful discussion about the Reptilians merely by accusing all concerned as being ignorant fear based and spiritually retarded Christian Fundamentalist. This is a tactic which is used again and again. Often times the Hive will begin a treatise or a lecture with a long harangue AGAINST….guess what? Christian Fundamentalism. This sets the tone and agenda for the propoganda that will follow.

Read “Contact Forum.” Every month someone from the Hive will write an article damning the “institution” of Fundamentalist Christianity. This is a favourite tactic of reptilian host such as Boylan and Greer which will be the subject of my next treatise. “The Use of Academics by the Hive.”

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  1. I assume not all reptilians are like this, I’ve learnt not to judge too quickly. However these muppets have been a real pain in my ass all through my life, it’s usually with the same mental tricks and bullshit, I have noticed how aggressive they get when their bullshit is called out in public making them look guilty. Of the good reptilians KALASK seem to be rather caring, they don’t seem to be interested in manipulation but are only too happy to tell it as it us from their own perspective. They seem to just enjoy interacting with humanity, I suppose if you raise the subject with them it’s likely they’ll elaborate further.

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