Unmasking the Disruptors in UFO/Conspiracy Research

This section is especially dedicated to exposing falsehoods in both research and the type of researchers who’ll purposefully manipulate the truth to further their own false agendas. This section will also include nefarious research/ manipulated media spin control on conspiracy and the UFO community as a whole. Also, the stifling of genuine research.

“What we don’t know can and will harm us unless we are earnest in unmasking the trappings of false reality” ~byron lebeau

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. The thesis of this treatise is that certain individuals within the UFO, paranormal and conspiracy research fields are often used, wittingly or unwittingly, to control and manipulate others.

We hope the information in this treatise can spare others the grief and misery that comes from interacting with controlling and manipulative people. Sometimes this sort of disruption can last for an extended period of time. If the person doesn’t learn from these experiences, he or she may be disrupted again and again by different people throughout their lives.

An understanding of how the disruptors and controllers work in the paranormal research community can save people literally years of suffering. This is no exaggeration.

It is incumbent upon you, the truth seeker, to be able to instantly identify the types of individuals you encounter either at a UFO Conference or more problematically, online.

If you were to ask all of the people involved in UFO, paranormal or conspiracy related investigations what their motivation for doing this kind of work is, very often their response will be something along the lines of wanting to “to help others” better understand these critical issues. Unfortunately, experience has shown that many of these “do gooders” in the UFO, paranormal and research community are expert at sowing acrimony and suspicion WITHIN the research community. The disruptors may also spread disinformation and pro-alien propaganda. Some are outright perpetrators hiding behind the facade of a spiritual guru or an “anti-new world order” persona. There are other types of disruptors and manipulators. It is absolutely essential to recognize ALL of them for what they are and not get taken in by their never-ending deceptions and manipulations.

These disruptors and disinformation artists will use real or contrived “academic” or “spooky” backgrounds to establish their “bona fides” within the research field they want to ingratiate themselves into. There are many gullible and naive people who attend UFO, paranormal and conspiracy conferences that take at face value anything told to them by someone with an Intelligence or academic background.

Now take a close look at the UFO Research community and notice how many investigators have either a personal or family connection to the Military/Intelligence community or the aerospace/defense industry. The list is endless. Some of the ones who like to play “big shot researcher” make much of their past Military or Intelligence background, as if it serves as a pedigree for UFO Wisdom.

One such researcher built up his “bona fides” by investigating a well-known crash retrieval case and now years later, he has transmogrified into a debunker of alien abductions.( And with a Ph. D. no less!) I remember when this guy wrote novels. My how the worm has turned.

My colleagues and I take a dim view of his understanding of the alien abduction syndrome. I’ve always suspected he was “on a leash” anyway since he had somehow managed to find so many first and second hand witnesses to this major event over such a short period of time. I’m satisfied that he had help finding these witnesses. Once he’d established himself as a “serious UFO investigator” with a major crash retrieval investigation under his belt, his case officer decided to move him into the field of alien abductions as a debunker. He was ex Air Force but all the other branches of the service, including the CIA are represented within the UFO research community. This particular individual doesn’t have any psychic or astral capabilities that others in the UFO/paranormal field are known to have. He merely represents a type of disinformation artist who used his credentials as ex Air Force Intelligence to get his foot in the door. His was an example of a long-term penetration. It may not have started that way but it sure as heck turned out that way.

But this guy is probably just a disinformation artist and opportunist. The real disruptors seem to target certain individuals who often as not, tend to shy away from any publicity. Their targets seem to be people who have certain identifiable attributes and characteristics which may or may not be apparent to the disruptor.

In the Vietnam War the media often spoke of “Search and Destroy” missions carried out by U.S. infantry units. For the purposes of this paper, “Search and Disrupt” would probably be a more apt description because disruption is the least you will experience if you allow some of these people into your life. We have developed profiles on the various types of disruptors one is likely to encounter in the paranormal research field. (See Part 2-The Essence of Control) Once the readers familiarize themselves with the warning signs, breaking off contact with the potential disrupter is child’s play.

What we are doing is conducting a form of cosmic spy catching. This is Cosmic Counterespionage 101. The “Tradecraft” of intelligence and counterintelligence, as well as special operations has been taken to another level due to the inherent capabilities that some MILABs and project people have, as well as the known or suspected technological capabilities of the deep black intelligence agencies. This information should not be “new” to any investigator of alien abductions, MILABs, mind control or the paranormal.

Today abductees, MILABs and MK ULTRA related project people have a whole plethora of challenges and disadvantages that most people, even within the so-called “research community”–could never dream of. But I believe in turning disadvantages into advantages. The learning curve comes at a price and not many people are willing to pay that price. Again, our motives are to spare the honorable, truth seekers years of betrayals, suffering and grief caused by not being “forearmed”.


The method used by the disruptors is a modern extension of what “surface level” intelligence and security services have indulged in for years through their control of human assets. The deep black intelligence and security services as well as non-human beings have utilized the propensity and innate need of certain humans TO CONTROL others as an operational asset or tool. In effect these human assets act as surrogate controllers on behalf of the beings or agencies that control them. If you have spent any amount of time in the UFO or Paranormal/Conspiracy research community, you have already met some of these people.

Alien Abductees, Military Abductees (also known as MILABS. A term coined by Dr. Helmut Lammer) and people involved in deep black projects are subjected to various methods of control and manipulation. Before describing in detail the various categories of “disruptors”, we will first describe some of the methods utilized by “surface” intelligence agencies to first isolate an individual, and then, depending on the intelligence agencies’ agenda, proceed to destabilize, disrupt, indoctrinate and ultimately control a targeted person. There are two basic ways to do this.

Colonel Oleg Maximovich Nechiporenko, author of ” Passport To Assassination: The Never-Before-Told Story of Lee Harvey Oswald by the KGB Colonel Who Knew Him” reveals that the family unit has always been used as an “anchor” to keep human intelligence assets under control.

The family unit is the most basic control mechanism in the intelligence and black ops world. There are countless variations on this theme of using ones own close family members, relatives and friends of the family, to keep someone under surveillance and or control. The layperson must understand that some people are literally born into the spook world. We’ll just use the intelligence community as an example.

It’s common knowledge that CIA members tend to socialize only amongst their own kind and date and marry one another. This keeps everything “in the family.” Children born from these unions are often raised in a society of clannishness, secret keeping behavior and elitism. This is a just “surface” type espionage and black ops. We’re not even talking about Mind Control and high technology programs.

Some family members will be kept under surveillance for most of their adult lives depending on what their parent’s and parent’s friends had been involved in and what they themselves know from their own observations. Through no fault of their own many people have to live in that kind of culture.

A childhood growing up in an aerospace, defense industry, NASA, CIA or Military/Intel family is fundamentally different from someone who wasn’t born into that lifestyle. Children in the former category, especially military dependants, may live nomadic lifestyles, traveling with their family to each new posting or assignment given to one or both of the parents. The adults the child is exposed to are often part of the intelligence/defense industry milieu. The children are often treated by military doctors or government appointed ones. Sometimes they are left in state or government run daycare centers and pre-schools. Keep all this in mind as we develop more of our concepts.

Within the intelligence community, “Sheep-dipping” is the process in which an active duty military person is transferred from his parent military command into a paramilitary unit, bureaucratic division or front organization of the CIA. It’s not quite Temporarily Attached Duty (TAD) or Secondment as the British call it. But it’s similar. The military person provides a particular expertise or capability that is sought after by the CIA. The military doesn’t want to be seen providing the expertise nor does the CIA want it known that they have hired a military person, so the individual is oftentimes put to work by his new employers in civilian clothes, OR…he or she could still wear a military uniform, but do so in a covert and deniable role with absolutely no overt connection to the country or government of his origin.

Even if a sheep dipped military operative’s earthly remains are found by a hostile nation there will be no dog tags, personal effects or tattoos that would provide any clues as to who sent him or her on the mission.

In a sense we see the same type of scenario involving multigenerational cult bloodline families. The latter provides a ready-made source of programmable individuals who can disassociate and be made to forget particular memories. (See Fundamentals of Trauma Based Mind control http://www.alienlovebite.com/… ) This satisfies the requirement for covert deniability. Some of them have usefulness as operational assets either physically, astral or both. The rituals some of them have been subjected to can establish demonic strongholds within the individual which further prevents reintegration and healing.

Individuals coming from this kind of family background can then be “sheep-dipped” into deep black CIA and or Military Intelligence ops with or without the connivance of the person’s family. Whilst in a mind controlled or a frequency modulated astral state, people from bloodline families can be utilized to carry out a whole gamut of black ops and enterprises, and do so under a bewildering variety of operational covers or alter personalities. They have latent paraphysical capabilities and in many cases have already been psychologically fragmented into a number of programmable compartments by the controllers and programmers within their own families.


The other basic type of control manifests itself in the form of the “Penetration Agent.” For comparative purpose we will now discuss how “the perfect stranger” can come into ones life and thoroughly disrupt and manipulate an unsuspecting person. We became interested in this subject after we had observed time and again how manipulated people (under either human or non-human control) targeted specific individuals (often of the opposite sex) or groups of people for purposes of control and manipulation.

At the very least these controllers can sow a tremendous amount of confusion and chaos into the life of the targeted person in an attempt to completely disempower them and make them lose faith in themselves.

The following is a “surface level” example drawn from the annals of espionage history. It is an example of how an “outsider” could come into the life of a targeted individual and attempt to control or “suborn” that person to advance a particular agenda.

Romeo Agents

The term “Romeo Agents” came into use during the Cold War. East German Spymaster Marcus Wolf came up with the idea to send handsome spies into West Germany to seduce single female secretaries who happened to work in sensitive West German Government Agencies.

Wolf and his spy service the HVA enjoyed considerable success in what was later known as the “secretaries offensive.” The plan was devastatingly simple: Send in handsome spies to befriend and ultimately develop a romantic relationship with a single older lonely woman. Ideally this woman would work in a sensitive West German Government agency.

During the initial part of the sexual relationship the Romeo agent and his control determine the best psychological approach to use on the woman

when the subject of her active espionage comes up. At first the Romeo agent asked the secretary to bring something innocuous and unclassified home from work such as a trade journal or an economics study.

During this entire process a psychological profile is built up about the secretary. Vulnerabilities and weaknesses are identified and subsequently exploited. Some women that have been compromised in this fashion have passed classified secrets to her East German boyfriend because they were IN LOVE and wanted to do anything to please them. So the woman’s own emotions is used against her.

Or conversely, let’s say the woman becomes outraged upon learning that the romance was a set up and categorically refuses to commit espionage. In these cases, a little more “persuasion” may be applied in the

form of photos and movie films of the woman having sex with her erstwhile lover. She may also be shown photos of herself handing over “documents” (the innocuous stuff she brought home from work) to her “boyfriend” either indoors, on a park bench or wherever else the exchange had taken place. The women are often frightened into believing that they will be denounced to the security services of their own country as traitors and spies if they do not cooperate and commit espionage.

There are myriad ways to suborn these secretaries once they’ve engaged in a relationship with the Romeo agent. To be sure, the latter is an extreme example of a “perfect stranger” or “Romeo agent” coming into a woman’s life and turning it upside down.

But the confusion and disempowerment that some women suffer as a result of interacting with male controllers is just as real and painful as what those West German women endured. Rather than force a female abductee, milab or project person to commit espionage, all the male controller has to do is keep the woman in a perpetual state of confusion and misery and he has served his purpose. He has prevented the woman, at least temporarily, from beginning the recovery process. What outsiders might mistake as simple dysfunctionality and co-dependency on the part of the woman and a lack of interpersonal skills and control issues on the part of the male can be a facade for something else entirely. The seeming banality of it makes it all the more insidious.


An esprit de corps or ‘élan which motivated the various national resistance movements against Nazi occupation needs to take root amongst spiritual warriors today. In his classic work “Resistance: European Resistance to Nazism 1940-1945” M.R.D. Foot pointed out how Europeans found myriad ways to resist the nazi occupiers. Resistance didn’t necessarily entail guerrilla warfare or intelligence gathering. It included diverting critically needed German supplies to the wrong destination. French railroad employees did this kind of thing quite often.

When the rail cars arrived in the eastern front, instead of finding cold weather clothing, the German quartermaster personnel would find hot weather clothing that should have been sent to North Africa or elsewhere in the Mediterranean. Anything that disrupted the Nazis plans and timetable for conquest was a form of resistance. The key was not to be seen as an anti- Nazi.

Too many people today are afflicted with the “chicken little” syndrome. These people (well meaning or otherwise) are spreading defeatism and victimization throughout the Internet and the lecture circuits. This defeatism attracts others who are similarly inclined and pretty soon you have the proverbial bullfrogs chorus of people spreading the gospel of hopelessness and victimization. Identifying the individuals who make up such “interest” (read dissident) groups is compulsory for the security services of this formerly great republic.

This is spiritual warfare we are engaged in. Much of the efforts of the Draconians, reptilians and minions of the Lower Archons (See” Hypostasis of the Archons” in the Nag Hammadi Library -James Robinson edition) will be dedicated towards preventing you, the truth seeker, from fully integrating your own experiences and learning from them. Whether you realize it or not, many of you reading this are spiritual warriors in your own right. And the forces of evil, including manipulated researchers and “do-gooders” in the paranormal field, will be arrayed against you.

~James Bartley


The Essence of Control

The underlying themes of disruptors and neutralizers is the compulsion to dominate and control a specific person or group. Controllers can expertly target and diminish their victim’s greatest gifts (or exploit them for their own gain), because those gifts, like their deepest feelings, are usually expressive of their authenticity. Patricia Evans, founder of the Evans Interpersonal Communications Institute in Alamo, CA and author of “Controlling People: How to Recognize, Understand, and Deal with People who Try to Control You”, offers groundbreaking insights into the psychological underpinnings of controlling personalities.

After interviewing hundreds of “Spellbreakers” (survivors who regained independence from a controller) Ms. Evans states, “I saw their greatest gifts, eloquence, talent, intellectual genius, common sense-were the very gifts most disparaged by the Controller.” This is an important insight, which vindicates much of what we’ve found in our observations of targeted “abductees”, and aware truth seekers in the UFO/Paranormal/Conspiracy community.

The disruptors and neutralizers were generally controlling persons who zeroed in the most talented and aware truth seekers who exhibited remarkable intellect, creative and psychic abilities. The targets were either, MK ultra “secret project” persons, alien contactees and abductees, potentially exploitable psychic people and spiritual intuitives.

In fact, one neutralizer even had a name for a specific subset of females he was compelled to control —Trinity Women! This male ardently believed– He that controls the Trinity Women, controls the world! For those readers who have not seen the movie The Matrix, Trinity is the female character– an archetype of power whose love for the “redeemer hero” was key in the liberation of our ultimate capabilities, and freedom from the Matrix oppressors. In real life, however, we observed that these targeted Trinity Women were those who had a potential for or demonstrated powerful feminine energies, intellect and psychic abilities. Some of these women were alien abductees, MILABs in secret projects whose capabilities were exploited, or those who were simply adept, independent and highly intuitive.

Whether the controller is under orders from secret societies, “aliens” or government intelligence agencies, makes no difference in their fundamental personality type. The Controller is by nature a spellbound- a mind controlled person, driven by fear of their own disconnectedness. Controllers are basically “beside themselves” and their core experience, seeking self-knowledge outside of themselves. They fear their own experience because it comes by way of the functions they were taught or trained to disregard-feelings, sensations and intuitions. According to Patricia Evans, a controlling person has their identity built backwards, forging control connections with people whom they have defined, as if that person were of one mind and an extension of themselves.

The following are examples of controlling behavior:

– The need to be right is greater than their need to be honest

– Defines you by telling you who you are, and what you think (even if it’s not true)

– Implies you’re wrong or inadequate if you don’t agree

– Is threatened by people who are different

– Feels attacked when questioned

– Doesn’t seem to really hear or see you

– Minimizes and trivializes your feelings

– Is oblivious to how their behavior affects others-lacks true empathy

– Maintains a one up superior position

The Controllers real fear is about being disconnected from their inner self. The Pretend person that they define and control protects them from feeling disconnected. In fact, they usually control or repress their own emotions very well via addictions, and multiple distractions. Often when their feelings do emerge, they go into uncontrollable rages. The Controller will sense the slightest signs of individuality, resistance, even questioning, as a personal attack. As is often seen with stalkers, no one can prove themselves to a Controller. These efforts alone do not break the spell. This is because control is not really about getting another to do something, i.e., a slave. It’s ultimately about the Spellbound fighting to avoid feeling disconnected in everyday life.

In order to effectively offset the disruptor, neutralizer or controller in your path, it is highly useful to understand their basic psychology. Appropriate and healthy responses to a controller who tries to anchor in their ’spell” is to feel uneasy, speak-up, run, plan escapes and resist! If in the presence of a controller for a long period of time, the victim starts to question himself or herself, and distrust their feelings. Please understand that these are warning signs! When confusion sets in, it becomes more difficult to disengage from the Controllers imposition of a false reality.

The Prototypes

In our own work with abductees, fellow researchers, truth seekers, survivors of mind control and cults, there are a number Controller/Neutralizer prototypes observed in the UFO/Paranormal community. Let me briefly define these red flag personalities.

1. The New Age Channeler or Cult Leader

This type will draw out the metaphysically oriented truth seekers who are beginning to awaken. They may channel ET’s, spirit guides, and be outwardly spiritually positive conducting healings, environmentalist activities publishing channeled info, etc. These types are often hosted by non-human entities such as reptilians and may exhibit psychic energy vampirism. The psychic vampirism (often via love bite set ups) usually blows their cover when persons start observing closely, or breaks away from the cult. Demonic reprisals and possessions have occurred when a member questions the authority, escapes or plans to expose the leader.

2. The Religiosity Control Freak

This person draws out naïve, fundamentalist Christians. They attract those who are spiritual, want answers, deliverance, or prayer. They have a tendency to proselytize, and minimize their incongruent and controlling behaviors as minor character flaws. The black and white dogmatism tends to keep the spellbound victim psychologically stuck, under control, and actually prevents an integrated recovery or spiritual growth process.

3. The Christian Patriot/Militia Activist Patsy

This personality is an effective patsy for disruptions, creating enmity and rumor mongering of various opposing factions in political, conspiracy and mind control research. They are big on name calling, documenting hard data of conspiracies, and cater to those of a more academic and political mindset. The person may in actuality be a multiple personality (MPD/DID) under mind control with a Christian Fundamentalist front alter. They lack spiritual discernment. They are easily spotted.

4. The UFO Investigator or Alien Abductions Expert

This person draws abductees , some MK ultra survivors, or MILABs who want to discover their own hidden memories of abductions, alien encounters, etc. The newly aware abductee seeks an expert and validation that their experience was physically real, perhaps offering evidence and may be hoping to find support. This expert may be moderately educated, have a military or intelligence background. Their religious background can vary, and they are not prone to be honest, truth seeking authentic individuals. You may get the sense that they are “hiding something” or are more interested in maintaining a high degree of respect. Reputation and book sales are very important to them. Their main job is to keep the research data diluted or spin controlled, so that little useful or sensitive information is released. Oftentimes they have loyal followers who appear docile and mind controlled -could they be controlled?

5. The Doctoral Level Expert with Scientific, Military or Intelligence Experience

This prototype may be an intellectual genius, an expert in Psyops, weaponry, or have an educated interest in occultism and parapsychology. They tend to have greater financial means, positions of authority and media spin control. These types are the most dangerous in their ability to deceive and hurt their victims. They are most likely to be hosted by non-human negative entities (or legion!). They have a cool calculating nature and may have paranormal abilities. They could possibly be members of a secret cult or practice the Black Magic Arts. They tend to harbor disdain for abductees and victims of mind control-often ridiculing and humiliating them publicly. This is a variation of the OMAG, for the exception that they are more educated and public people.

6. The OMAG-(Obnoxious Military or Government Scoundrel)

This term was created by Leah Haley, an abductee, who encountered such agents even before she went public with her MILAB experiences. The OMAG is often used as a love bite set up-a Romeo Agent sent to specifically neutralize a target. They may not be in public view and are on a specific mission under control of some agency or perhaps non-human entities. Oftentimes they provide a female abductee or MILAB the best sex she’s ever had. Domestically, OMAGS tend to operate in a clandestine manner and can fabricate an entire “legend” or cover story about their life or their current occupation in order to fool the woman they are trying to manipulate. It’s possible that some of these OMAGS are under, at least part of the time, non-human control. They could be mind controlled MPD/DID’s. These agents may have exceptional sexual prowess such as tantric sexual seductions and use of neuro-linguistic programming in mesmerizing their victim. Their education and career cover may vary. Because they are controlling in nature they are often drawn to be in law enforcement related fields. They may be hosted as well.

The Muppet

The Muppet is really in a category all its own. They are not necessarily disruptors or controllers. Muppet or manipulated muppet is a slang term used to describe relatively benign, yet potentially dangerous people, who for one reason or another lack the spiritual resiliency or awareness to deflect alien, MK or HIVE manipulation. We have all been muppets at one time or another in our lives when the hands of “Murphy’s Law” or personal weakness caught us unaware, so that something unfortunate or HIVE manipulated happens. For the most part, muppets are not dangerous controllers, but can be positioned in certain situations as to be completely undependable in times of need. (You do not want to be in the same foxhole with a muppet when the defecation hits the oscillation) For example, you do not want a muppet to make your travel plans to a conference or be a head of UFO group, radio station, or conference promoter. If they are allowed into these sensitive positions, the group will be easily manipulated by the party line spin control, multiple distractions, the HIVE, you name it. It’s best not to place MUPPETS in positions of responsibility or authority because they are too easily manipulated.

Of all the prototypes listed above the most dangerous and likely to be “hosted” by non-human entities such as reptilians are # 1, and 5 and 6. The greater their tendency to control and manipulate, the more likely they are hosted. They are agenda oriented and may promote impressive “mission statements”. These hosts can create a whole slew of paranormal synchronistic events that serve to destabilize and victimize the individuals (usually women) they are attempting to suborn.

Yet another category of disruptive and manipulative beings are the “Hostile Negative Energy Agents” as described in Montalk’s excellent expose, “Hostile Characters” of the Matrix. ( http://www.montalk.net/hostile.html )

Most of the disruptors and controllers above mentioned were male, but there were also female agents. The female agents are more likely to utilize positions as cult leaders, channelers, or authors/lecturers promoting a specific agenda. Male abductees have also encountered female disruptors and controllers especially within the love bite context.

Some disruptors are compelled to leave “calling cards” for intimidation purposes. For example, one MILAB author, when presenting at a conference on their book, found their car broken into, where large muddy footprints were left in the vehicle, even though the car was left locked. This MILAB also found their hotel room broken into and their bag of books desecrated with a feces-like substance. The perpetrator needed to “punish” them because he/she warned a truth seeking abductee friend about his abusive and deceitful behaviors.

Reptilian Hosts

For those who are new to the term “reptilian hosts” please view the article “ The Birth of a Host” by Cassie on (http://www.alienlovebite.com/cassie.htm)

We know an abductee who was a witness to a curious genetics program at a private clinic that was run by a “reptilian host.” This woman received reprisals after mentioning this anomaly on a talk radio show that James Bartley was a guest on. Within a couple of days, this woman was fired from her job. One of the radio show hosts, (no pundit intended) who “took over the station” sent the eyewitness nasty private e-mails admitting his own status as a reptilian in human form. He threatened, and belittled her–and mocked the“ stupid human race”. He flaunted his reptilian identity and bragged about how easy it was to take over the radio program. In this case, the radio “Host” was exploiting his central position within this radio station to conduct spin control and spread disinformation about UFO’s, aliens and related topics.. This woman had the ability to clairvoyantly see hosted individuals and reptilian shape shifters.

For those who do not know, the parasitic entity within-say a reptilian-is almost always aware when the clairvoyant can “see them” overshadowing a particular individual. If the seer is good, they can play poker face and the entity within my not be able to see their being “unmasked”. If the witness and host interact, the hosted person may have an instinctual hatred or antagonistic attitude towards the seer, regardless of what they do or say. The individual who is hosted may not necessarily know that they harbor an attached entity. Some do. Once the reptilians are “on to those who can see them”, that person or family is assailed with a barrage of misfortunes and reprisals. This may include the proverbial raping reptiod sexual assaults in the dreamscape, sudden job loss, or outright abductions with injuries.

As another example, a woman not only saw a shape shifter at her place of employment– but smelled him strongly-a rather pissy, dank, sulfuric odor. The momentary sight of the shape shifting reptile, and the strong odor caused her to recoil in shock-and the shape shifter was aware of her “seeing his true nature”. In this case, the woman was later mind scanned by this Host, who had such dark brown eyes they looked black. Needless to say, this “Host” was a wealthy, high-powered individual in a career of high authority. Not long after this woman’s “glimpse” of the shape shifter, she was treated poorly at work, and fired without cause by her boss, who was suddenly acting “all mean and manipulated”. (She did not vocalize this at all to her fellow employees either.) Sound familiar? She and her family suffered financial setbacks within weeks of this “revelation” of Reptilian Host being unmasked!

One case history worth reading is that of Colleen Johnstone, an abductee who was caught up into a channeling ET cult for 8 years. (See her soon to be published book Surviving the Fall) The female cult leader, and channeler was hosted by demons (in the guise of benevolent ETs). It is important to note here that in the channeling arena, some unclean spirits will use similar deceptive intelligence tactics in establishing their bonafides with healings, accurate information, etc. When Colleen started questioning the validity and benevolence of the cult leaders tactics, Colleen and another cult escapee received heavy-duty demonic attacks, which necessitated exorcism by a priest. Her life threatening experience reads like a classic horror story exorcism! Again, some cult leaders and channelers are very dangerous!

Love bite set-ups with reptilian-hosted individuals have been reported to be the most energetically draining. As more love bite experiencers come forward with their histories, the more we learn about the dynamics of how the aliens-and especially reptilians, work through humans. It is not a simplistic, black and white theory of mind control carried out by purely human MK ultra control meisters. There is something very real about the ability of reptilians and reptilian-hosted humans to siphon off chi or sexual kundalini energy after their Chakra energy centers have been activated (via a powerful love bite).

In another (unpublished to date) case, the abductee was set up with another abductee-who claimed to be a “hybrid reptilian”. It is unclear whether the self-proclaimed hybrids are really “alien” hosted abductees. The important point here is to recognize behaviors exhibited-not single out any particular race, group or gender. For all we know, the entire human race may be hybridized with several alien bloodlines. It’s not the racial, genetic, or religious orientation being exposed here, but the specific behaviors, which are detrimental to the spiritual growth and freedom of the human race.

The Compelling Force Behind Controllers

I’ve often wondered if the compelling force behind human Controllers is a kind of HIVE mind that also permeates the more malevolent aliens. Whatever it is, its nature appears to be anti-life, a backwards destructive force that necessitates a vampiristic life cycle. If the person is not resilient, spiritually connected or aware enough, the HIVE force moves through them like candles in the wind temporarily turning them into spellbound muppets. This is manifested in varying degrees, the ultimate spellbound person being the Hosted Controller. One could say that someone becoming hosted by a non-human malevolent entity is the worst-case scenario.

Perhaps the HIVE mind is a mild form of the Anti-Christ spirit or the Ahrimanic faction of the collective consciousness. For the most part it is represented in varying shades of grey, from people temporarily “beside themselves in unawareness” to entire oppressive regimes like the 3rd Reich. I think this force has been described in many cultures and religions, such as the warning by Christ Jesus to be on the alert, as the Devil is like a prowling Lion seeking to devour its prey. Growing self-awareness and mindfulness, is the first step in overcoming the oppressive forces of evil itself.

Resistance, Spell Breaking and Disengagement from the Controllers

It would be remiss if this article didn’t address ideas for solutions to the problems we face. Since Controllers and Hosts are the primary manifestation of the oppressive force in daily life, let us start with some basics on how to resist Controllers.

The first step in the Controllers attempt to anchor in a target, is the act of defining that person with assumed ideas about their being. These ideas will attempt to create a Pretend person, (or group)– a Teddy Bear of one mind with that Controller. The Teddy serves as an extension of the Controller, a counterfeit connection fulfilling the dependency needs of the “sick” Controller. One important note here is that not all Controllers are this way with everyone they meet. They may have a primary victim, who meets their dependency needs of control, and appear as the nice guy socially or at work, yet be a monster at home.

As much as we are compelled to defend ourselves against the illusion makers, arguing and explaining ourselves are wasted efforts. They are futile efforts because the spellbound Controllers cannot HEAR authentic people. (It’s like they are programmed against this) Stop explaining yourself. Instead ask, “WHAT?” Or “Who is making something up, playing let’s pretend?” This is important because the Spellbreaker -you-don’t want to give the Controller the impression that their “let’s pretend” world is real. Just keep saying, “WHAT?”

Essentially you “can’t hear” nonsense so you don’t take it in. Here the Controller cannot accuse you of interrupting (as they often accuse you of doing when you explain yourself). Each time the Controller tries to label you, they will find it impossible to do. This gives them an opportunity to remember what they said and wake up from their own spell.

The Controllers anchor in the person or group by defining a false identity. Once they have hooked in, the experience can proceed into energy drainage and even abuse. To offset these anchors the awakened person must change the station, switch channels. If enough people do so, the Controllers have little or no audience and the spell weakens. This notion can also be extended to guarding one’s emotional expressions and sexual energies, to guard against energy vampirism.

One may ask, “But what if the Controller is abusive, violent?” What if the Controller takes the form of something like the 3rd Reich? More realistically, what if the Spellbreaker awakens to the reality of already being in the occupied territory of the enemy? What do they do then?

Disengagement from the False Reality MATRIX

In our modern world, the tradecraft of oppressive regimes and their technologies have taken a quantum leap. Just ask any victim of non-lethal weapons harassment. One needs to ask questions such as, “What kinds of capabilities do we need to disengage from the Matrix?” Do we need more documentation of covert government black projects, UFO sightings, physical evidence of alien abductions, implants and ET contacts? Should we create more web sites and lobbying activists complaining about harassment, MK ultra projects, or satanic cult activity? Perhaps if we get religion and become more dogmatic it will all go away? Should we continue to react loudly with relentless anger and contempt about the evil perpetrators? Ultimately, you need to ask, “Is my time and my mind my most prized asset?”

There are no easy answers, but there are simple solutions. Connection with the creative life force of the Universe, call it God, the Holy Spirit or Divine Love is the beginning of liberation. This is our inner essence, our real spiritual core that all human beings have. Connection with our own spirit is a gradual process of awareness, healing and recovery. Incorporating holistic mindfulness and spiritual practice, this integrated awareness expands into a discerning wisdom. With wisdom comes much grief, and with grief sprouts a budding heart of compassion. Compassion for the suffering of others. As our hearts of compassion grow, so does our inner power. As we connect to greater degrees of our own divine essence, we regain an innate knowingness and all the capabilities necessary to disengage from the oppression of false reality. No one religion has the only answer, although it can lead you to the door of realization and eventual enlightenment.

Disengagement from the Matrix is a process of refinement and subtlety –much like the acquired taste of a good French wine. Vive Le Resistance! ~Eve Lorgen

Footnote: Ahriman (Also known as Ariman, Aharman, Dahak, Angro Mainyus) an aspect of the Persian prince of evil and the prototype or aspect of the Christian Satan. According to ‘The Encyclopedia of Religions’, Ahriman brought death to the world by slaying the prototype of mankind and beasts ( excerpted from A Dictionary of Angels by Gustav Davidson)

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