Winter of Discontent Judith Kwoba Interview

Judith Kwoba returns to the Cosmic Switchboard Show to discuss what is going to happen in Germany this Winter now that Germans will not have Natural Gas to heat their homes. This will have a profound impact not only on private citizens but on industry as well.

In part 2 Judith and James Bartley discuss a wide range of issues including the normalization of Cannabalism “to fight Climate Change.”

Judith’s YouTube channel is: Nightflight
Judith’s Odysee channel is: Nightflight
Judith’s Patreon is: Nightflight

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Part 1:

Part 2 – Members Only:

Part 1 Video:


Part 2 Video – Members Only:



​Part 1: mp3 Audio
Part 1: mp4 Video
Part 2 – Members Only: mp3 Audio
Part 2 – Members Only: mp4 Video



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