Video Lecture About Aliens & Alien Technology for Preston Victoria

This is a pre-recorded lecture that previously had only been available to Cosmic Switchboard Members and Attendees at a Conference in Preston Victoria in Australia. Evan and Steven Strong invited me to speak at the lecture but the situation with the borders was so uncertain due to this COVID Madness that Steven and I decided I should give my presentation via a Live Stream. Unfortunately the internet connection at the conference site was not up to par and I was unable to give a live presentation to the conference attendees. So I put together a pre-recorded lecture instead which the conference attendees can watch at their own leisure.

In an Era where there is so much disinformation and denial about the existence of Non-Human Life Forms on Earth, I felt it was important to put together a lecture warning about the dangers of being in close proximity to real Alien Craft, hence this pre-recorded lecture with a PowerPoint Presentation.

James Bartley,


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Part 1

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Part 1 Video

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