Freeman Fly Interview

freeman-flyFreeman Fly will discuss the occult significance of the numbers 9 and 11 and why it enabled him to accurately predict the 9/11 attacks.

Freeman Fly returns as a guest to The Cosmic Switchboard Show. Freeman discusses Stem Cell Research, the cloning of Mummies, Akhenaten and Michael Jackson.

In Part 2 Freeman Fly of discusses Trump’s Space Force, The Ordo Templi Orientis, Sirius, The Second Sun and cyclical catastrophes and the ubiquitous “bolides” i.e. Fireballs that have been appearing all over the world.

.freeman-fly-holographic freeman-fly2freeman-fly-pyramid

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Part 1:

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  1. Maybe this blackout for Freeman will be like getting kicked off the air was for Howard Stern. If he can’t get his show out through the traditional channels, maybe he gets his message out through interviews like this, and in so doing become even more popular than before. Many people subscribe to other hosts, of which many have aired on Freeman’s channel. Could he call in a favor to them/y’all, hit the circuit, and start a subversive shitstorm? Also, I wonder what his chart looks like right now. What kind of transit is happening in his stars? Just a thought…

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