Theresa Tucker – dreams and “sleep visions”

Theresa Tucker, Empath, Artist and member of The Cosmic Switchboard Team, discusses her empathic abilities.
Theresa is a very deeply spiritual person…but very far from being “religious” or in any way conformed to “traditional” so-called spirituality…she has developed her abilities and her gifts entirely on her own…also in a personal relationship with God and in knowing that her very unique skills do originate from Him and without Him they would not be possible. She considers herself an empath…and occasionally telepathic…sometimes a mystic…and she also very often has the same experiences with persons who have passed…but she is not a physic…or a prophet…just a very strong and unusually “advanced” receptor of a person’s feelings, emotions, thoughts and other aspects of their inner self…being highly tuned and familiar with very powerful spiritual phenomenon and experiences of varied forms that reveal them. She is uncommonly feminine…having an “ultra-female” countenance and personality…and extreme “womanly” attributes…which has greatly enhanced the creation of her astute empathic traits over time…having been built over the decades of her life.

Theresa’s empathic experiences throughout her life extends in particular to very deep and intimate connections with men…whom she has come to love and respect in very close “unions” with them…and she has a very sincere and caring humility towards masculinity.

In this second interview with her, Theresa expounds upon dreams and what she calls “sleep visions”…as among the very highest forms of the most advanced empathic phenomenon.

Theresa Tucker talks about Sleep Visions and visionary dream experiences as well as waking visions from the perspective of an Empath. She talks about the stages she goes through before entering into a sleep vision that sometimes involves going into a hypnotic trance state prior to sleep. Theresa talks about recurring or repeating dreams as well as emotional and intimate astral dream scape encounters between consenting individuals.
In Part 2 Theresa Tucker talks about the Heart Realm and the Mental Realm and Spiritual Voice Phenomena.

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