Deep Dive with Niish September Changeling Wave

Niish of The Cosmic Salon and James Bartley discuss the importance of this coming September. Much focus has been directed at July 2021 but Niish feels (and James would concur) that what may be coming down the pike in September and beyond has even more profound implications for the Human Race and the Ultimate Disposition of what we call The Soul. James and Niish discuss the Nanotech aspects and A.I. aspects and Predation upon Humans. This is a very important and timely discussion. […]

5 Sense Conspiracy

The Space Cowboys

Randy talks about how Wilcock was heavily influenced by Carla Rueckert’s “Law of One” and “Ra Material” channellings and this in part formed the basis of Corey Goode’s Blue Avians narrative.

In Part 2 Randy discusses “the Saviour Program” which many self appointed Gurus are pushing and how it ties into the Bogus Disclosure/Secret Space Program narrative..