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Larry Warren, the only eyewitness whistleblower who has talked about what really happened at the Rendlesham Forest otherwise known as RAF Bentwaters in late December 1980. In this seminal lecture from the early 1990s, Larry Warren talks about his early alien ET experiences. Note that the person who introduces Larry Warren in this lecture is the late and unlamented Russ Estes, who was a former member of the Army Branch of the NSA and a government disinformation agent who was sent into Larry’s life to create chaos and disruption.
Larry goes into details about what happened at the Rendlesham Forest. Its no wonder Larry was harassed and demonized to the extent he was.
This was a lecture recorded in the early 1990s by myself at the San Diego UFO Society of which I was a member in good standing. I was good friends with the Founder of the San Diego UFO Society Shawn Atlanti and I attended many outstanding lectures there including this one. Larry Warren gives a poignant and thought provoking lecture about not only the events at RAF Bentwaters – Woodbridge/Rendlesham Forest but about his childhood and his ET experiences as a young boy.
Please note the person introducing Larry Warren in this lecture was a man who had been sent in to infiltrate and disrupt Larry’s life. This man is the late and unlamented Russ Estes who worked for the Army Branch of the NSA and later morphed along with Kevin Randle, into an Alien Abduction DEBUNKER! Alone amongst all the Rendlesham Forest Incident (RFI) eyewitnesses it is Larry Warren who gets this special treatment. We must ask ourselves: WHY?
I was present when Russ Estes was arguing about “his cut” of the proceeds of this very lecture with the aforementioned Shawn Atlanti. I was also present when Larry Warren took Shawn aside, apologized and said “He (Russ Estes) ALWAYS DOES THIS.” In other words, this Russ Estes character made it a point to burn as many bridges with as many conference and lecture promoters as possible. Estes was in effect an “Agent of Influence” who tried to manipulate things in a way that was damaging or harmful to Larry’s reputation. I have studied Intelligence & Counterintelligence and Psychological Warfare Operations for over forty years. I have spoken to many former Intelligence and Special Ops personnel over the years. I know what I’m talking about. There is a saying in the U.S. Air Force which I’ve heard from a former fighter pilot who has had UFO Encounters during his time with the military: “The Flak is always thickest directly over the target.” So it is in the case of Larry Warren and his testimony about the Rendlesham Forest Incident.
I have studied UFOLOGY for decades and networked with some of the great “Old School” investigators of all time and attended lectures of the same. RAF Bentwaters – Woodbridge otherwise known as the Rendlesham Forest Incident(s) STILL ranks as one of the most important cases of all time…all the elements are there…multiple military witnesses…a vast nuclear weapons storage facility…a long history of UFO and otherworldly phenomena in that region. In this lecture Larry talks about the AFTERMATH of the encounter in Caple Green…the harassment and mind control meted out to the eyewitnesses…the suicide of one of the witnesses…the special status he was placed in which prevented him from re-enlisting in the military and much more. An upcoming documentary “Capel Green”  about RFI will blow the lid off this case sky high. More eyewitnesses have come forward. Stay Tuned.

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