Mary Anne Fisher Interview

As an empath and intuitive, Mary Anne’s journey of awakening began in early childhood. In 1996, she became aware of and began further developing the ability to energetically facilitate her body’s self-healing capacities which set her on a path of seeking [more] hidden knowledge about ourselves and our world.

In Part 1 Mary Anne Fisher of the Restoration Activation Project talks about her Voyage of Self Discovery and how she had to face FEAR head on when she encountered interdimensional entities as a young girl. Mary Anne was raised by Narcissistic Parents and had the misfortune of having psychopathic family members. Through it all she developed coping mechanisms and leared to develop a strength and power from WITHIN that has held her in good stead.

In Part 2 Mary Anne Fisher talks about the key aspects of her Self Mastery Program which she refers to as the Restoration Activation Project.


Mary Anne Fisher’s Website: The Restoration-Activation Project

Mary Anne Fisher’sYouTube Channel: The Restoration-Activation Project

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Part 1:

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  1. Hi, Mary Anne, James, thank you very much, I resonate a lot with your analyze regarding human condition, causes and solutions. I too don’t believe that we are here on school, I mean, WTF, let’s be serious and this BS that people are totally and exclusively responsible for the insanity here, come on, there are so many factors to be taken into consideration. So many distortions, lies, programming, on people’s heads and we must take the guilt and punishment for everything??? no way, this is the biggest BS. We are responsible for many, but not for everything.

    Also I consider big BS the way our consent is ‘taken’ (if this is real, like an ancestral law), by devious manipulations and cheating, which are not fair and I don’t think that it must be considered like a real consent and I am trying to understand more about this – how can it be a consent, if taken in ignorance, half truths, fear or other things like that – and it wouldn’t be considered valid, in my opinion.

    James, you bring so interesting guests, always good choices and so much to learn, to find out, to feel encouraged.
    Mary Anne, I hope to see you again with James and I already looked at your site and channel, I like very much the compassionate, yet so emotionally & mentally balanced way you speak and presented everything.

    thank you again, to both of you.

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