Lea Kapiteli Interview

In Part 1 Lea Kapiteli, Author, ET Contactee and Artist, talks about her ET experiences with a variety of different ETs. Lea was mentored by a higher dimensional ET who took her on an Astral Voyage to a planet in the Pleiades system.Lea talks about her memories of a life in Atlantis prior to the Final Destruction of Atlantis. Lea shares what she learned about the Aftermath of the Final Destruction of Atlantis which involved wars between different civilizations on Earth and also involved ET races. Lea remembers Atlantis as a place where Humans and ETs lived and worked side by side.

Lea is the Author of a three part book series called “A Soul Remembers” which can be ordered from her website.


In Part 2 Lea Kapiteli talks about what she learned about a particular Sirian Civilization that she is in contact with. Lea also relates experiences she’s had when she has been present at or tuned in telepathically to ET Council Meetings.



Lea’s Website: Starseed Lea

Lea’s Facebook: Starseed Lea

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