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Sherry Swiney is a construction engineer, retired. Sherry is an advocate for growing your own food, staying away from big pharmaceutical medicine for good health,

In 1996 Sherry founded the international human rights organization called The Patrick Crusade (P.A.T.R.I.C.K.) which stands for “People Aligned To Replace Injustice and Cruelty with Knowledge”, which drew millions of visitors from around the world to the cause of prison and court reform in the United States.

In 2009, when her husband and best friend, a police officer, pilot, philosopher and handyman, paid the ultimate price for standing in his integrity against corrupted DOJ officials, Sherry transitioned from prison reform work to searching for the core reasons for this dysfunction which she saw the tip of the iceberg and only a symptom of a much larger dilemma. This transition is explained in the About section of her website

Sherry is currently working as editor with Mental Health Practitioner, Jerry Marzinsky. They’ve been friends and colleagues for 20 years, helping people eliminate the dark side influences from their lives. As a young woman, Sherry was plagued by dark side entities and was able to eliminate them from her life without help from psychologists or psychiatrists, and without taking any drugs. Today, she teaches others how to do what she did. She wrote an article titled “The That’s A Lie Program” explaining her method which is linked from in the Articles section.

In Part 1 Sherry Swiney talks about the Intrusive Thoughts which are created by what she calls “Dark Entities.” The persistent negative thoughts in one’s head in one’s own “thought voice” do not come from the individual. They come from these Dark Entities who strive to create chaos, disruption and misery in the lives of Humans. Sherry shares from her own experience, beginning in an abusive childhood, how these Intrusive Thoughts and the Dark Entities behind them, came into her life. Sherry Swiney is a long time colleague of Jerry Marzinsky who has exposed the fallacious nature of the “Chemical Imbalance” theory of modern day Psychiatry and Psychology as well the fact that intrusive thoughts come from negative entities.
In Part 2 Sherry Swiney discusses the “That’s a Lie Program” which she developed to combat and overcome the intrusive thoughts from Dark Entities. This program is duplicate-able and anyone can implement and achieve the desired results of banishing these voices and the entities behind them for good if they will work at it. The “That’s a Lie Program” applies to all negative, self defeating, self limiting thoughts.


Sherry’s Website: Keyhole Journey
Sherry’s Facebook page: Sherry Swiney
Sherry Swiney’s Youtube Channel:Taos123

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