Freeman Fly Occult Symbology – 9/11 Special Interview

freeman-flyFreeman Fly will discuss the occult significance of the numbers 9 and 11 and why it enabled him to accurately predict the 9/11 attacks. Freeman explains why he correctly predicted Katy Perry’s Beast of Babylon spectacle at the Super Bowl citing the influence of Sorcerers L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons. Freeman points out the seminal influence of The Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) and Aleister Crowley. In the Second Hour Freeman Fly talks about “The Dark Sorcerers of Atlantis,” The Seminal Influence of the Dog Star Sirius upon a number of ancient civilizations including Egypt, Genetic Engineering, the creation of genetic chimeras, his prediction of the Financial Collapse of 2008, Hyperdimensional Physics, Synchronicity and some of his own UFO related experiences

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  1. I was in kindergarten the year of 9/11. I remember my dad asking if I wanted to stay home I said no. I seen the TV news report of the towers. Being so young I thought it was a movie I seen so many Godzilla movies by then I didn’t know it was real. Like you said James. I also got sick on the way to school thru up in the car and had to go back home.

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