Due to an “Accident” the interview with Poppy, SRA survivor and T.I./Natural Healer will be released tomorrow

Dear Members,

My colleague and webmaster Dean was involved in a car “accident”. As a result my interview with SRA Survivor “Poppy” will be delayed until tomorrow. The entire two part interview both in audio and video was ready to go but then Dean’s car was struck by another motorist who made a very aggressive move.

My commentary for this week about “Esoteric Messiahs/Esoteric Evangelicals” has been released but only on YouTube. Dean needs a little time to recover from this accident before he can embed said commentary and all the interviews that have already been edited and are ready to go, onto our website. Till then we will make due any way we know how. We have therefore decided to provide a link on this website to access this commentary on YouTube. Later this week we will feature a members only interview with my long time colleague Craig Bowers who has had ET and Milab experiences. It will be the first in a series of interviews and discussions with Craig. Craig had likewise experienced a calculated aggressive move by another motorist in the “Five Canyons” area of Sedona Arizona years ago. Craig will share his sketches of reptilians, greys and other beings he has encountered. Craig Bowers did the cover art for Eve Lorgen’s classic book “The Alien Love Bite.”

We feel what happened to Dean was a deliberate act. Dean is an integral part of our team. By creating this “accident” which was not an accident not only did it cause Dean physical and financial harm but it has temporarily interfered with plans to expand The Cosmic Switchboard Show into new directions. We will not be deterred. We see what happened as proof positive that we are on the right track and what we are doing is necessary.

We will continue to do our important work. We ask our members for patience. A full two hour interview with Sherry Swiney who will discuss the “Thats a Lie Program” which she utilised to overcome intrusive thoughts meted out by negative entities is slated to come out next weekend and we have many more interviews, commentaries and other special features due for release soon.

Thank you for your patience.
James Bartley

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  1. What a heinous act! Please extend my sympathy & heartfelt wishes for a quick & full recovery to Dean! Thank You!

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