Interview with Lilu Tuatha—a MILAB Abductee

By Eve Lorgen, M.A. 12/22/09 — Lilu (a pseudonym) is a milab-abductee from Australia. She has experienced multiple alien intrusions, which include interactions with human and alien entities such as greys, reptilians and humans within the shadow government military factions. Lilu’s experiences reflect what many milab abductees have recalled, but with a greater degree of lucidity. Lilu’s ability to perceive her experiences with greater awareness may stem from the fact that she has undergone several near-death experiences, and is naturally clairvoyant. Her experiences include physical, Interdimensional, and astral encounters. I believe Lilu’s experiences, like many other milabs, have been underreported and marginalized within the alien abduction and UFO community.

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