Meredith Swaim Trends and Fourth Wave Feminism

Meredith is an evolutionary astrologer, yin yoga teacher and sound/energy worker. She started out in academia, chasing a PhD in health psychology, delving deeply into the neurological and psychological and subjective motivation behind human emotion and behavior ~ and found astrology during her first year of her undergraduate degree and fell in love, ingesting as much of the information as possible. She enjoys assisting people with embodiment, energetic hygiene, psychic self-defense and helping folks deprogram and detangle themselves energetically from the systems of oppression active today upon this realm so that they can access their creation, working with the natural cycles and seasons the planets provide, rather than against them. […]


Commentary 82 Hemoglobin, Aliens and Paleoancient Giant Trees

In Part 1 of Bartley’s Commentaries on The Cosmic Wars, James Bartley discusses the Alien Attacks on Humans in Brazil in 1977 and the resultant loss of Hemoglobin in the victims and its implications. James also talks about Terraforming, the War on Carbon and Oxygen, the Information Field/Morphic Resonance and the eradication by someone or something of Giant Paleoancient Trees. […]


The Intrusive Thoughts and The Agenda Jenny and Jerry Marzinsky

Jerry Marzinsky returns to The Cosmic Switchboard Show. Jenny is Jerry’s colleague. Jenny had been misdiagnosed as Schizophrenic and was forced by the Psychiatric Industry to take powerful anti-psychotic drugs. Jenny was eventually able to dispel the intrusive thoughts and voices and has since helped others who are similarly afflicted. Jenny and Jerry discuss the key role played by the unseen entities who make up the Voices in the Head and their relationship to the Dark Agenda which has descended upon this planet. […]