“Christian Fundamentalist,” “Projecting our own Fears and Negativity,” “Spiritual Retardation”, “Positive and Negative Polarities” and “Fear Based” are terms used, usually dripping with contempt and resentment, by the Reptilian Controlled […]

By James Bartley ©2000 Aliens are obsessive practitioners of OPSEC or Operational Security. OPSEC is a term used by the Military-Intelligence community to denote a mode of operating which ensures […]

By James Bartley, ©2000 All Rights Reserved This treatise concerns the reptilian’s manipulation of the Human Astral Dreamscape for the express purpose of promoting particular behaviors within the abductee. This […]

“Alien Civil Affairs Programs” by James Bartley © 2000 Many abductees succumb to the smoke and mirrors deceptions that are prevalent within the New Age Movement. The New Age seems […]