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Tracey Ash has over two decades of premier industry experience in training & premier power site tours in U.K, USA, EGYPT, JAPAN. Recognised as a leading 5D authority in what comes next for those who care about earth and humanity. She is an intrepid traveller and travels often by horse to explore the sites of EGYPT.
In 2018 she speaks at Conscious Life Expo’s Ascension Panel & Post Conference, Cosmic Consciousness Conference Australia, Japan’s No.1 Expo, Contact in The Desert, Global Pyramid Conference, London’s Wellbeing Festival. She will be working at Australia, UK, Japan Egypt premier global power-sites including MT FUJI, JAPAN’s PYRAMIDS, ULURU & EGYPT’s AMARNA.
She is EMOTO FOUNDATION recognised and PSI JAPAN HONORARY MEMBER. NO1, teacher japan. She is an expert on destiny with over 20,000 Life Vision Readings acknowledging current life journeys to unlock new optimum health and destiny.

Tracey Ash, an Initiated Sufi and Ancient Egypt Wisdom Keeper, talks about the necessary Revolution in Consciousness that will allow people to move beyond this 3D control grid. We were meant to be the Masters of Our Own Destiny. Tracey discusses her work at Sacred Sites especially in Egypt which she has visited many times. Tracey has had key past lives in Ancient Egypt where she remembers working in different timelines and dimensions. Tracey says this knowledge is available to all of us if we are willing to do the necessary inner work.

In Part 2, Tracey Ash talks about her upcoming book which is about healing. Tracey talks about the Wounded Persona within many people which prevent them from doing the necessary internal healing work.
Tracey Ash’s Website: Revolutionary Consciousness
Tracey Ash’s Facebook: Tracey Ash


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Part 1:

Part 2 – Members Only (Video)

Tracey Ash Part 2

Tracey Ash Part 2

Part 2 – Members Only (Audio Only


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